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National Screening Centers has 6 locations in Farmington, New Mexico and Houston (2), Texas City, Corpus Christi and Dallas, Texas that perform DNA, drug, alcohol, paternity, posions, and other types of testing.. With a network of 3500 offices across the mainland Unites States, National Screening Centers is the #2 testing facility in the nation in terms of volume. Volume is not a problem for National Screening Centers. Additionally, there has been no test that National Screening Centers could not perform.

Since 1993, National Screening Centers has been in this businesses for over 32 years. During that time, National Screening has testified in over 1000 court cases and spent thousands of hours in person and over the phone discussing test results or quantitative levels with scientists and lab directors regarding DNA, drug, paternal connection, poisons and many other types of tests. With federally qualified collectors, National Screening has collected over 1 million samples throughout the United States for D.O.T and non-D.O.T.

The credentials and depth of experience of the staff at National Screening Centers is unique. Yet, the most outstanding component of operation at National Screening is the uniqueness and quality of service. Each client is made to feel comfortable with the level of customer service with the objective continuing a long term relationship. National Screening provides quality at a lower cost that is faster and covers more geographical areas.

The National P.I. and Civil Processing conducts a wide variety of investigations and legal support for insurance companies, attorneys, corporations, small businesses and individuals.

• Valero
• Shell Oil
• Air Liquide
• Coast Guard
• Airlines
• Hospitals
• Galveston Co. Courts

• Montgomery Co. Courts
• Child Protection Services
• Harris Co. Courts
• Brazoria Co. Courts
• Fort Bend Co. Courts
• Wal-Mart
• BP Amaco

• Exxon Mobile
• Continental Airlines
• Houston Chronicle
• Amana
• Goodman Manufacturing
• Pioneer
• McCoys

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